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Category Name Phone Number Email
Accountant Bernice Kristoff-Trowell 604-513-5707 [email protected]
Accountant Carrie Stocco 604-635-3410 [email protected]
Accountant Mike Ronse 604-541-4363 [email protected]
Accountant Nancy King 604-542-7606 [email protected]
Accountant Randy Munro 604 282 3600 [email protected]
Accountant Sonia Parmar 604-585-1255 [email protected]
Designated Other Cary Gaymond 778-782-7308 [email protected]
Designated Other Inga Warnock 604-513-2033 ext 3317 [email protected]
Designated Other Russell Moldowan 604-576-8908 [email protected]
Designated Other Shonna Breslaw 604-535-4520 x757830 [email protected]
Designated Other Yolanda Benoit 778-327.6821 [email protected]
Designated Other Yolanda Bouwman 604-585-5509 [email protected]
Financial Planner Brian Brotherston 604-813-4036 [email protected]
Financial Planner Brian T. McLeod 604-542-5453 [email protected]
Financial Planner Christopher George 604-715-7993 [email protected]
Financial Planner Dave Lee 604-535-4743 [email protected]
Financial Planner Ian Lusher 604-366-6350 [email protected]
Financial Planner John Lawson 604-372-3372 [email protected]
Financial Planner Jordan Phillips 604-454-4020 [email protected]
Financial Planner Leanne Martyniuk 604-580-4210 [email protected]
Financial Planner Linson Chen 604.737.6784 [email protected]
Financial Planner Marc Schouten 778-707-9369 [email protected]
Financial Planner Mike Elliott 604-513-6218 [email protected]
Financial Planner Natasha Knox 778-773-0044 [email protected]
Financial Planner Noah Belcher 604-535-3454 [email protected]
Financial Planner Robert G. Clark 604-535-8739 [email protected]
Financial Planner Steve Gibson 604-643-2044 [email protected]
Financial Planner Summer Xu 604-541-2020 [email protected]
Gift Planning Consultant Katherine Smart 604 850 9613 [email protected]
Lawyer Allan Watchorn 604-581-4677 [email protected]
Lawyer Andrew Zacharias 604-746-4357 [email protected]
Lawyer Betony Rowland 604-542-7732 [email protected]
Lawyer Brooke Fernandes 604-542-5344 [email protected]
Lawyer Chelsea Dubeau 604-581-4677 [email protected]
Lawyer David A. Hunter 604-581-4677 [email protected]
Lawyer Ellen Hong 604-581-4677 [email protected]
Lawyer Erin Easingwood 604-888-5811 [email protected]
Lawyer Grace Cleveland 604-536-5002 [email protected]
Lawyer James Woods 604-580-4789 [email protected]
Lawyer Karen Aujla 604-583-7917 [email protected]
Lawyer Kim A. Karras 604-542-5344 [email protected]
Lawyer Marta Miazek 604-580-4787 [email protected]
Lawyer Mary-Jane Wilson 604-583-7917 [email protected]
Lawyer Peter Hagel 604-581-4677 [email protected]
Lawyer Rebecca Darnell 604-532-9119 [email protected]
Lawyer Robin Jawanda 604-583-7917 [email protected]
Lawyer Sarah Weber 604-581-7001 [email protected]
Lawyer Sukhminder S. Virk 604-888-5811 [email protected]
Lawyer Suzannah Denholm 604-581-4677 [email protected]
Lawyer Tara Britnell 604-581-4677 [email protected]
Notary Bart Aldrich 604-464-3136 [email protected]
Notary Lilian Cazacu 604-375-2679 [email protected]
Trust Company Andrew Patrus 604-718-7128 [email protected]
Trust Company Christina Grabbe 604-679-0718 [email protected]
Trust Company Jack Polanica 604-331-3084 [email protected]
Trust Company Nicole Garton 778-742-5005 [email protected]
Trust Company Patricia Chartrand 604-734-6481 [email protected]