September 14, 2010 @ 8:30 AM



Present:          Nick Cheng, Susan Payment, Rosalyn Manthorpe, Anne George, Del Friday, Yolanda Benoit, 

Regrets:          David Lee, Charlene Taylor


1.      Call to Order / Confirmation of Agenda

The meeting was called to order by Nick Cheng at 8:44 am.  The agenda was confirmed.



2.      Approval of Minutes

Some corrections were made to the July 13 minutes. 

#6 Membership - It should read:  “Early bird annual membership before September 7, 2010 - $210.  (not September 1)  The membership form needs to change as it is contradictory to what was discussed in pricing.


It was also agreed that the pricing for meetings should state:  $45 for joint meetings with allied organizations, versus only “CAGP”.


A motion to approve the corrected minutes of the meeting on July 13, 2010 was made by Rosalyn Manthorpe.  Anne George seconded the motion.  Motion carried.



3.      President’s Report (Nick Cheng)

Nick Cheng reported that the contract with Coyote Creek was signed.  The changes we requested were all agreed to except for the charge for the projector and the need to have a credit card on file.  Anne George offered to have her credit card on file and Nick Cheng provided this information to Coyote Creek.


Some of the contract details were discussed.  Anne George received a copy of the contract for her files as the Treasurer.


Nick informed the Board that should any Board member have a need to discuss something with Laurie regarding their portfolio, to please call her directly.



4.      Vice President’s Report (Susan Payment)

Susan has some gifts available for speakers, the early bird draw and the business card draw winners and will be picking up more for the year.


Susan will be out of town next week.  Yolanda Benoit volunteered to bring the gifts for the speaker, early bird draw and business card draw.



5.      Treasurer’s Report (Anne George)

Signing authority was discussed.  It was decided that Anne George, Rosalyn Manthorpe and Susan Payment will have signing authority.

Anne reported that the balance in the council’s bank account is currently $4784.  .  She also has cheques on hand for new memberships and membership renewals totalling $4,070.




6.      Membership (Charlene Taylor)

Charlene Taylor was unable to attend, but sent her report to the President.  To date, 50 people have renewed their membership, which includes two new members.


Increasing membership was discussed.  It was agreed that there should be a prize each meeting for each person who referred a new member to join the FVEPC.  They will receive a book.  It was also discussed and agreed that there will be a grand prize draw at the end of the year for all people who referred new members.  Each referral (can be multiple from the same person) then earns a chance to win a grand prize of a $150 gift certificate to a restaurant.  Susan Payment offered to pick up the gift certificate.


Making new members feel welcome and “included” was discussed and felt to be important.  Yolanda Benoit volunteered to be a “Greeter” at each meeting.  Prior to the meeting she will call Laurie and ask for the names of new members.  When they arrive for the meeting, she will greet them, introduce them to others, and sit at their table for dinner.  If there is more than one new person, she will introduce them to another board member and go back to the entrance to wait for the next new member.


Yolanda will also call Charlene and inform her of the new member names so that Charlene can make them a different color name tag to distinguish them from the rest of the group.



7.      Public Affairs (Dave Lee)

Dave Lee was not in attendance, but sent in a report.  He has phoned all prospective organizations and members to date.


The website is running smoothly.  Laurie is unable to update the site herself and will continue to contract that work out. 




8.      Program Speakers Report (Del Friday)

Trevor Throness will be speaking on the topic of “Soft Issues in Business Succession” this coming Tuesday, September 21.  Del will confirm his needs (Projector, etc.) 


As Dave Lee arranged this speaker, Del will ask him to introduce the speaker.  If he declines, Del will do the introductions.  Nick Cheng will thank the speaker.

Del will ask all speakers to arrive by 6 pm.  She will meet them and have them sit at the reserved table with her.


Speaker Sue Grant was unable to confirm for the November meeting, so Cari Hoffmann, Project Implementation Coordinator, Advance Care Planning, Fraser Health, has graciously agreed to be our speaker.


Del is already in the process of lining up speakers for next year and reviewed some potential presenters.


Del is also working on arranging a joint meeting with the Estate Planning Council of Abbotsford for November or January.  She will make contact and confirm which date will work for them.  As an allied organization, the fee would be $45.



9.      New Business (All)

Nick thanked Rosalyn for providing the meeting room and coffee.



10.  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50am