September 7, 2011 @ 8:30 AM



Present:        Nick Cheng, Susan Payment, Leanne Martyniuk, Kelly McAuley, Yolanda Benoit

Regrets:        Rosalyn Manthorpe, Dave Lee, Del Friday

1.    Call to Order / Confirmation of Agenda

The meeting was called to order by Nick Cheng at 8:40 am.  The agenda was approved.



2.    Approval of Minutes

A motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of June 30, 2011 was made by Leanne Martyniuk.  Susan Payment seconded the motion.  All in favour.  Motion carried.



3.    President’s Report (Nick Cheng)

Eaglequest Coyote Creek

Nick reported that the contract with Coyote Creek is finalized and signed.  A copy of the Coyote Creek contract was given to the VP, Susan Payment, and the Treasurer, Kelly McAuley.


Nick commented that all changes requested and agreed to are verbal, but never changed on the official contract.  Nick makes notes on his own copy as to what was agreed upon.  Lisa is our contact at Eaglequest and she is very helpful.


Laurie confirms the numbers with Eaglequest prior to the event.


Leave a Legacy

Nick received an e-mail from “Leave a Legacy”, inviting the FVEPC to submit an article for publication in the upcoming Leave a Legacy newspaper insert, this coming November. 


After a discussion, a motion was made by Yolanda Benoit to submit an article to Leave a Legacy.  Leanne Martyniuk seconded the motion.  All in favour.  Motion carried.


It was suggested that Dave Lee take the lead on the article.  Yolanda volunteered to help Dave.  The deadline for submissions is September 23.


Should the FVEPC article be published, it was agreed that extra copies be given to the membership.  Yolanda Benoit will contact the appropriate people to request 60 copies.


Logo Contest

Nick will announce the logo contest at the dinner meeting.  Yolanda will create an “ad”, which will be placed on all tables at the meeting.



All agreed that Laurie is doing a wonderful job.  Nick will follow up with Laurie to see if she thinks there is a more efficient way for herself and the board to communicate.



4.    Vice President’s Report (Susan Payment)

There was nothing new to report.



5.    Treasurer’s Report (Kelly McAuley)


Kelly reported that she received all banking and financial information from Anne George, our most recent treasurer.  Banks will be changed and new signing authorities will sign appropriate forms at the end of September, upon Rosalyn’s return from vacation.



6.    Program Committee Report (Del Friday)

In Del’s absence, Nick updated the board.  The program slate is full for this season.


At next week’s dinner meeting, Dave will introduce the speaker and Susan will thank and present him with a gift.



7.    Public Affairs (Dave Lee)

Nick gave the update in Dave’s absence. 



A proposal was received to update the website.  A discussion ensued regarding the  changes that could be made to it and the cost.  The discussion was deferred until Dave could take part.  Nick will also talk to Laurie for her suggestions on the website.


Linked In

Another discussion began regarding Linked In and the FVEPC page.  The discussion was deferred until the next meeting, when Dave would be in attendance.



8.    Membership (Leanne Martyniuk)

Leanne reported that she has transitioned well into her “Membership” portfolio. 




Name Tags

Laurie currently has the name tagsLeanne will arrange to get the name tags from Laurie for the upcoming meeting, as well as any other “membership” supplies.


Having a more professional looking name tag was discussed.  Leanne will arrange for new name tags once a new logo has been developed.  It was agreed that the following should be on the name tag:

Member’s Name

Fraser Valley Estate Planning Council



Guest Fees

A discussion and decision on simplifying guest/drop in fees was tabled until the next board meeting.



9.    New Business (All)

Mr. Bentall Dinner Meeting

Yolanda to contact Laurie and ask her to book a larger room for this meeting.  Yolanda also to ask Laurie to advertise the upcoming speaker (Mr. Bentall) along with the November speaker.



10. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:55 am.



Next Council Meeting:  November 8, 2011

Next Dinner Meeting:  November 15, 2011 with Rob Laing