November 8, 2011 @ 8:30 AM



Present:        Nick Cheng, Susan Payment, Rosalyn Manthorpe, Leanne Martyniuk, Kelly McAuley, Dave Lee, Del Friday, Yolanda Benoit

Regrets:        None

1.    Call to Order / Confirmation of Agenda

The meeting was called to order by Nick Cheng at 8:40 am.  He added Laurie Daschuk to the agenda, as she will be calling in with an update.



2.    Approval of Minutes

A motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of September 7, 2011 was made by Kelly McAuley.  Dave Lee seconded the motion.  All in favour.  Motion carried.



3.    President’s Report (Nick Cheng)

Leave a Legacy

Nick thanked Dave and Yolanda for writing and submitting an article for the Leave a Legacy Supplement.  The article was not chosen for publishing.  Suggestions were made to use the article in other publications.  Dave Lee will look into submitting it to the Surrey Board of Trade for publication.


Past Speaker

Nick received many favourable comments regarding our last speaker, Warren Jestin.  He was very well received.



Nick informed the board that our website was down for one day.  Our web host was not able to contact anyone.  With Laurie Daschuk, he made an executive decision to  switch the FVEPC’s web host.  This has already taken place.


Logo Contest

Nick informed the board that few logos were submitted.  A unanimous decision was made to extend the logo contest deadline to January 6, 2012.

Nick will announce the logo contest deadline extension at the upcoming dinner meeting. 






4.    Vice President’s Report (Susan Payment)

Notice of Meetings

Susan sends notices of FVEPC meetings for inclusion to the CGA newsletter.  She has noticed more CGA’s at our meetings.  In order for the notice to be published, it must be a “Word” document.  Susan will contact Laurie and request the FVEPC Meeting Notices be sent to her in “Word.”



Susan will pick up more gift cards prior to the next dinner meeting.



5.    Treasurer’s Report (Kelly McAuley)


Kelly reported that the new signing authorities met at the bank and completed all the necessary forms.  It took a considerable amount of time and a discussion was had as to how to speed up the process in the future.


Nick Cheng suggested that the board consider a Special Resolution in regards to signing officers.  This will be discussed at a later date.


Kelly also updated the board as to the Financials:

$11,230 Membership dues received

$11,571 Balance

Upcoming dinner cost: $1,800 - $1,900


Guest Dinner Fees

Kelly brought up the topic of the various Guest Fees and discussion ensued.

Rosalyn Manthorpe made a motion to simplify the Guest Fees as follows:

      First time guest:  $30

      Drop In guest (subsequent attendance):   $55

Del Friday seconded the motion.  All in favour.  Motion carried.



6.    Program Committee Report (Del Friday)

2012 – 2013 Speaker Line Up

Del reported that she is working on booking next year’s speakers.  A discussion took place on a variety of speakers and topics. 


Every year, there is one legal topic and one tax topic and it was agreed that this should continue.  Dave Lee and Nick Cheng will research names of people who would give a compelling tax presentation. 


Member Spotlight

Rosalyn Manthorpe agreed to do the member spotlight at next week’s dinner meeting.  Her topic will be “Changes to Power of Attorney and Health Care Representation Agreement.”


Upcoming Speaker

Rob Laing, our next speaker, will be using PowerPoint.  Dave Lee offered to bring in his projector if Rob Laing is not bringing one.  Del to follow up.

At next week’s dinner meeting, Dave will introduce the speaker and Del will thank and present him with a gift.



*7.  Update with Laurie Daschuk

Laurie called in and joined the meeting on speakerphone.


Nick Cheng asked Laurie to give a brief report.  There were no outstanding items. 


Nick updated Laurie as to the modification to the membership fee so that she can make the appropriate changes for future meetings.


Dave Lee asked Laurie her opinion as to updating the website.  Laurie had some suggestions as to who to use and approximate costs.  Laurie recommended updating for the long term (ie. updating to a program that allows her to make the website updates herself.)  Dave will follow up with Laurie in regards to updating the website.


Kelly McAuley confirmed with Laurie that she does not need to come to next week’s dinner meeting.  However, Laurie was asked to attend the Dave Bentall dinner and assist with the registration.


Leanne Martyniuk suggested that for continuity, Laurie should make the name tags, when the time comes. 


Nick asked Laurie to please call in to future meetings at 9:45am.  Laurie will be added to the agenda.



8.    Public Affairs (Dave Lee)

David Bentall

Dave informed the board that he very recently learned that Dave Bentall has a scheduling conflict with our date.  The May 15th dinner meeting would work.  Dave and Del Friday will work together and contact Tara Britnell (May 15 speaker) to see if they could switch dates.


A discussion took place regarding possibly selling tables for the David Bentall dinner meeting.  It was agreed that the cost of the table would be the number of people times the respective amount and the table would be reserved for that group.


Dave will continue to send out Press Releases to local media prior to dinner meetings regarding upcoming speakers and dinner dates.



9.    Membership (Leanne Martyniuk)

Leanne reported that the membership has grown.  We have 10 new members, for a total of 60 members.  Five people have not renewed.  Nick volunteered to follow up with them with a “soft” call.  Those not returning will be sent an “exit interview” mail piece. (Leanne, will you do this?)


Name Tags

A discussion took place regarding name tags and what kind to purchase.  Leanne recommended postponing making name tags until a Logo has been approved.  We will continue as it is with name tags.  Leanne will continue researching costs and options.


It was agreed that the new name tags will contain the following:

      FVEPC Logo

      1 ˝  X 3” size


      Title for executive



10. New Business (All)

There was no new business.


11. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:20 am.



Next Council Meeting:  January 10, 2012

Next Dinner Meeting:  January 17, 2012

                                                      Speaker - TBA