May 10, 2011 @ 8:30 AM


Present: Nick Cheng, Susan Payment, Rosalyn Manthorpe, Anne George, Del Friday, David Lee, Yolanda Benoit

Regrets: Charlene Taylor

  1. Call to Order / Confirmation of Agenda

The meeting was called to order by Nick Cheng at 8:40 am. The agenda was approved as written.

  1. Approval of Minutes

A motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of March 8, 2011 was made by Rosalyn Manthorpe. Del Friday seconded the motion. All in favour. Motion carried.

  1. President’s Report (Nick Cheng)

Vancouver Estate Planning Council (VEPC)

Nick informed the board that the VEPC is celebrating their 50th anniversary. They are holding a celebration on Tuesday, June 7th at the Terminal City Club at 5:30pm. Tickets are $90. All were invited to the celebration.

Retiring Board Members

Both Anne George and Charlene Taylor are “retiring” from the board. Nick thanked them for their service and dedication.

Nick suggested that appreciation plaques be made and given to retiring board members as a sign of appreciation.

Nick will ask Laurie Daschuk to order them.


The Fraser Valley Estate Planning Council website was down.

Dave Lee volunteered to look into the website domain. He will ensure that Laurie gets the e-mail notification when it is time to renew the domain name.

The domain has been renewed.

Public Information

A discussion took place as to information that should or should not be public on the FVEPC website. Adding the Minutes of the Directors meetings and financials to the website were debated.

It was agreed that the FVEPC application and renewal should be updated. New and renewing members will be asked to consent to have their information listed on the website. Nick will ask Laurie to incorporate the following into the application:

“…by signing this form and becoming a member, you consent to have your information listed on the FVEPC website.”

New Members

Nick was happy to announce that four new members have joined the FVEPC. They are:

Doug Robinson

Kim Law

Chris George

Danielle Glass

  1. Vice President’s Report (Susan Payment)

Susan reported that she had purchased some prizes and gifts. She is ready for the upcoming meeting for the “Referral Grand Prize Draw.”

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Anne George)

Anne reviewed the financials with the board. We are slightly down in receipts and expenses have increased slightly. The timing of some expenses has skewed the timing (eg. New website fees)

Dave Lee will monitor website fees over time and evaluate.

  1. Program Committee Report (Del Friday)

Del reminded that the panel of Trust Officers is speaking at the next meeting. Their bios have been forwarded to Laurie Daschuk. Del informed the board that the speakers were looking forward to addressing the membership.

Del will introduce and thank the speakers.

One spot remains to be filled for next year’s speaker line up. To round out the presentations, the board felt a legal topic would be appropriate. “Avoiding Negligence Claims” was suggested.

There was discussion around the “speaker series” for 2012 – 2013 and the idea of having a “theme” for the year (eg. Practice Management) was suggested.

Dave updated the board as to his discussions with an upcoming speaker. Dave to follow up with speaker’s assistant in October 2011 to finalize his presentation.

  1. Public Affairs (Dave Lee)

In order to promote discussion and have visibility, Dave will explore opening a “Linked In” page for the Fraser Valley Estate Planning Council.

  1. Membership (Charlene Taylor)

Charlene was unable to attend.

  1. New Business (All)


Nick prepared a brief agenda for the AGM. A motion to amend the Constitution will be brought forward for members’ approval before Anne reviews the financials.

Every table will have a copy of the proposed bylaw changes. Yolanda will make copies of the agenda, with the amendments on the back, and distribute them on the tables for the meeting.

AGM – Board Vacancies

There will be two vacancies on the board as Anne George and Charlene Taylor are stepping down. Rosalyn has spoken to several people about the two vacancies. Kelly McAuley and Leanne Martyniuk agreed to be nominated. Rosalyn will nominate them at the AGM. She will also request a bio from the nominees.

  1. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.