January 11, 2011 @ 8:30 AM



Present:        Nick Cheng, Susan Payment, Rosalyn Manthorpe, Del Friday, Anne George, David Lee, Yolanda Benoit

Regrets:        Charlene Taylor

1.    Call to Order / Confirmation of Agenda

The meeting was called to order by Nick Cheng at 8:40 am.



2.    Approval of Minutes

A motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of November 9, 2010 was made by Dave Lee.  Rosalyn Manthorpe seconded the motion.  Motion carried.



3.    President’s Report (Nick Cheng)

E-mail to membership requests

Nick informed the Board that Laurie is receiving many requests to send out informational/promotional e-mails to our general membership.  The FVEPC’s mandate is Estate Planning.  It was agreed that Laurie will be the point person.  Requests will be brought forth to the board membership for a consensus approval.


Constant Contact

Laurie requested the Board to consider using Constant Contact.  It is web based e-mail marketing software.  After a discussion of the product and the fee involved, a motion to approve a subscription to Constant Contact was made by Dave Lee.  Yolanda Benoit seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Upcoming AGM

Nick reminded the board of the upcoming AGM and requested input on what topics need to be put forward.  He requested the Board members review the constitution and bylaws to see if there are any areas we could improve. 


Rosalyn Manthorpe reminded the board to look for people who may be interested in serving on the Board.




4.    Vice President’s Report (Susan Payment)

Susan informed the Board that she bought some new books and prizes for guest speakers and door prizes.  Gifts are still needed for two more speakers and suggestions were made.



5.    Treasurer’s Report (Anne George)

Anne George informed the Board that the FVEPC has $10,079.40 in the bank.


We are financially stable and organized for the rest of the fiscal year.


Anne brought up the fact that some people RSVP for the dinner meeting but do not show up and well as those who show up and have not RSVP’d.  Anne to discuss this issue with Laurie.



6.    Membership (Charlene Taylor)

Charlene was unable to attend.  There was nothing new to report. 



7.    Public Affairs (Dave Lee)

Dave informed the board he continues to send notifications of upcoming meetings to the local media one month prior to the event and to potential members two weeks prior to the event.  Dave’s efforts are yielding results as both Del Friday and Yolanda Benoit spoke to guests at the last dinner meeting who attended because they saw the “ad” in the paper and found the topic interesting.


Dave will be doing the Member Spotlight at the upcoming meeting on the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).




8.    Program Committee Report (Del Friday)

Del has set up a “Backpack” web page that lists various potential program speakers.  She invited the board to review it and add their suggestions.  She also invited feedback.


The board discussed the impressive list of potential speakers and made suggestions.  Del will send the list to the board for review.


David Turchen of MacKay LLP will be presenting the topic of “US Estate Tax and Cross Border Issues” at the upcoming meeting.  Del will introduce the speaker.  Susan Payment will thank him.



9.    New Business (All)

There was no new business. 



10.  Future Meetings

The next membership dinner meeting is on January 18, 2011 and the next board meeting on March 8, 2011.



10. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:45am.