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Yogesh Bhathella KPMG Langley   604-455-4005
Tony Miles The Child Development Foundation of BC  
Sonia Parmar David Pel & Company Inc. Surrey, BC   604-585-1255
Marlene Lillico Lillico & Associates Surrey, BC   604-594-4887
Kevin Mickelby KPMG LLP Langley, BC   604-455-4043
Peter Knoepfel N.I. Cameron Inc. CPA's Surrey, BC   604-669-9631
Ted Olak BDC Capital Vancouver, BC   604-666-7874
Eileen Tang McLaren Trefanenko Inc. New Westminster, BC   604-524-8688
Carrie Stocco Johnsen Archer Chartered Accountants Surrey, BC   604-635-3410
Susan Payment Meyers Norris Penny LLP Surrey, BC   604-536-7614
Randy Munro Deloitte Langley, BC   604-539-3601
Charlene Greaves Sadler Weismiller Group Surrey, BC   604-594-0094