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Ian Lusher Genus Capital Management Vancouver, BC   604-366-6350
Marianne Ciok BC Children's Hospital Foundation Vancouver   604-875-2673
Jack Polanica The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company Vancouver   604-718-7135
Patrick (Rick) Montens Royal Trust Vancouver   604-257-6060
Linson Chen Rogers Group Financial Vancouver, BC   604.737.6784
Michael Leggatt RBC PH&N Investment Counsel Inc. Vancouver, BC   604-408-8395
Angela Spanjers Richards Buell Sutton LLP Vancouver, BC   604-682-3664
Andrew Patrus The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company Vancouver, BC   604-718-7128
JoAnne Corrigan TD Wealth, Private Trust Vancouver, BC   604-659-7441
Yolanda Benoit The BC SPCA Vancouver, BC   778-327.6821